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David Rivier

I'm David, a Product Leader (CPO / CPTO / VP Product) with 20 years experience specialised in turnaround / transformation initiatives, alongside building and growing new product offering. I also advise and mentor early stage startups and product leaders.

In the last decade, I helped companies to build and transform product and engineering teams, create and grow products / platforms in local and international markets leading to growth momentum and exit.

I advise regularly early-stage and more mature start-ups on product strategy, product-market fit and growth challenges which includes increase in revenue, profitability, market share and operational efficiency. With my turnaround and transformation hat on, I have also been involved increasingly with companies' endeavour to create better aligments between product and engineering teams and business strategy.

Previous experiences include Skype, Skyscanner, Barclays, 118118Money, Concrete Platform, WonderBill, a number of B2C/B2B start-ups involved in various industries such as FinTech, Retail, Travel, etc. and markets, primarily Europe and U.S .

Current interest are products leveraging AI, Blockchains, and Communities